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Pressure Washing

Did you know that pressure washing plays an important role in prepping an exterior of a building, or home prior to painting? If your exterior paint is chipping, or chalking we recommend pressure washing your exterior first! Pressure washing assists in removing the broken down paint on your exterior. This permits a fresh coat to be applied without defects of the previous paint. This is the best way to getting your place looking new again!

Our team at Braun Painting is well educated in the safe and efficient use of pressure washers. Concrete, brick, wood, and metal: if you need it cleaned quickly then Braun Painting can get your moderate to large scale pressure washing project in the San Antonio area completed with precision and professionalism. Combine our pressure washing equipment with our well trained technicians and it is easy to see why we get calls from people looking for quick, accurate, and safe service.

We also pressure wash decks, driveways, parking lots, and more!

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